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Commercial umbrella insurance covers large unexpected events that can have a devastating impact on your business, brand reputation and financial stability.


While standard liability policies can help protect a company from a broad range of situations, there are certain times when losses may exceed what primary insurance can fully cover. From damaging multi-million dollar lawsuits, to auto accidents, to product liability claims: protecting your company means preparing and planning for the worst case scenario.

What is Commercial Umbrella Insurance?

A commercial umbrella liability policy supplements your existing policy’s general liability, auto liability and employer’s liability limits. The benefits of a commercial umbrella policy are increased limits in excess of standard primary policies, replacement of primary policies if limits are used up by covered losses and broader coverage than primary policies for certain losses.


Commercial Umbrella Policy Coverage

Commercial umbrella insurance is designed to provide extra liability coverage above and beyond the protection offered in your general liability insurance, employer’s liability insurance and commercial auto liability insurance policies. If your underlying coverage reaches its limits due to multiple claims or a large settlement during the year, your commercial umbrella policy coverage bridges the gap to cover any additional liability.


Without commercial umbrella coverage, you would have to pay out of pocket when your underlying insurance policy limits are exhausted. Commercial umbrella insurance coverage is a smart way to reduce the risk of the damage that large legal judgments or multiple insurance claims could cause to your company. 

Commercial Umbrella


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