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Pets. They’re a part of your family, which means you want to protect them along with everyone else in your home. Pet insurance is one way to help cover the costs of veterinary care when your pet gets sick or hurt.

What is Pet Insurance?

Good veterinary care comes at a cost, and you don't want to have to choose between life-saving modern veterinary care and your wallet. A pet health insurance plan can help cover the cost of the care your pets need without causing financial hardship in your budget. You can also purchase optional preventive care coverage for an additional minimal cost. The preventive care option is designed to help pet parents plan and pay for the yearly routine care that helps keep their pets healthy. Pet insurance is offered from our trusted partner, the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance program.


Easy to Use

Use our easy quoting tool to get step-by-step guidance. Getting a quote is free, and you can review every step and see your quote without committing to enrolling until you get to the final checkout page.


No Age Restriction or Examination Required

There is no upper age restriction or breed restriction for enrolling and there are no exam or vaccination requirements to enroll your pet.


Multi-Pet Discount

We love our pets and sometimes that means we have more than one. There is a multi-pet discount for each additional pet you enroll.

Pet Insurance


Let's Work Together

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